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Holistic Dentistry

We focus on the relationship between oral health and overall well-being. Utilizing non-toxic materials and natural treatments, we offers services similar to traditional dentistry but with an emphasis on bio-compatible materials and a whole-body approach. We follow S.M.A.R.T. protocol for safe mercury removal.

What Is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry, also known as “biological dentistry,” examines the relationship between dental and general health. Dentists in this field, also known as “biological dentists,” focus on making connections between a patient’s oral health and the rest of their bodies. They will prescribe treatments that use non-toxic materials and look for ways to promote a patient’s dental health naturally.


Dr. Michelle J Ma is a holistic dentist at Evergreen Dental Care in Alhambra, CA. Her years of experience led to a unique and in-depth understanding of the interconnectedness between the body and oral health.


These skills and knowledge have afforded her the opportunity to deliver better care to her patients and help them find healthier and natural treatments to benefit their health.


If you’ve been considering seeing a holistic dentist, now is the time. Be sure to contact Evergreen Dental Care and schedule your appointment with Dr. Ma.

How Does It Differ from Traditional Dentistry

Holistic dentists receive the same training and education as traditional dentists. However, they enhance their practice by diving into topics that cover general health as well as the effects that toxic dental materials can have on an individual’s entire body.


Holistic dentists want to know more about previous dental work and types of materials used in those procedures. With holistic dentists, the conversation might differ from what you are used to at a routine dental appointment.


They may talk to you about nutrition, herbology, aromatherapy, and other natural remedies such as oil pulling to alleviate dental concerns and benefit the rest of your health.


Although they are by no means there to replace your family doctor, holistic dentists provide a better alternative because they focus on oral care and your overall health.

What Procedures do Holistic Dentists Use?

Holistic dentists perform the same procedures that traditional dentists do, like fillings and crowns. However, they avoid the use of dental materials that contain toxic substances like mercury. Additionally, Dr. Ma has been trained in performing S.M.A.R.T. protocol for safe removal of mercury-containing fillings.


Conventional dentistry still looks to use materials that are durable, cost-effective, and generally “safe.” But, taking an overly simplistic approach to what is considered “safe” for use is not always the best option for the patient. One has to consider each individual’s needs on a case by case basis.


Holistic dentists look to solve this problem by using a selection of bio-compatible materials and recommending natural remedies.

 Is a Holistic Dentist Right For You?

A holistic dentist is right for anyone concerned with their general well-being and alternatives to traditional dental treatments. Perhaps you’re someone who has had unexplained health symptoms for some time, and you’re aware that you’ve had silver fillings in the past.


While a regular doctor should do a full medical assessment, a holistic dentist can complement what goes on in your doctor’s office to your oral health. Holistic dentistry is also good for anyone looking for a genuine ‘second opinion’ as opposed to having two opinions from two traditional dentists who will advise identical solutions.


Dr. Ma continually works with her network of holistic-minded health practitioners, such as naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, and other professionals, to synergistically help her patients achieve their most optimal health. We welcome you to come in to start your journey to healthier teeth!

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