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Laser Dental Treatments
Cleaner Teeth & Healthier Gums

Laser dental cleaning is an alternative and more effective way to treat your teeth and gums. It is used for deep dental cleanings and gum therapy using a low-intensity laser that removes plaque from the tooth surface without damaging the enamel or dentin. Laser technology is safe and worth considering if you’re looking for better, safer, and less painful periodontal treatment in Alhambra, CA.

What does a Laser Teeth Cleaning Dentist Do?

Like Dr. Michelle J Ma, a dentist in Alhambra, CA, uses specialized laser technology to deep clean the tooth and gum line area. Laser treatment is used for periodontal care, removing plaque and tartar from the tooth surface without damaging the enamel or dental tissues while stimulating bone growth around the gums. This process can help with complications caused by insufficient hygiene, such as cavities, decay, tartar build-up, and other common problems caused by plaque. Laser teeth cleaning dentists can also help with gum recession and periodontal disease.

How does Laser Dentistry Work?

​LED light phototherapy causes different parts of your teeth and gums to regenerate. It reduces the number of harmful bacteria by using low-level red light at a specific wavelength to improve blood flow, increase circulation, and repair damaged tissue. This low-level light source does not lose energy as heat, and instead, the energy from absorbed protons transfers directly into the cells being treated.

Benefits of LED Light Dental Therapy

The use of led light therapy for dental procedures is beneficial in a variety of ways. Light therapy is an excellent way to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities as the area around your teeth and gums can utilize its natural healing capabilities to repair itself. Light therapy is considerably less invasive, painless, gentler, and it actually has a soothing and therapeutic effect.

Is Laser Periodontal Therapy Right for You?

Anyone can benefit from laser therapy to treat common dental ailments, but it is especially beneficial for anyone with these conditions.

  • Sensitive Teeth

    • Have you noticed that certain areas of your mouth have become more sensitive over time? 

    • If you’ve experienced increased sensitivity to hot or cold, it is usually due to a progression in receding gums. The gums are the part of your teeth that keep them protected; think of them as an encasing for your teeth that are there to keep the elements away. 

    • When your gums begin to wear out, it can lead to exposure of the never area, making you more sensitive to hot, cold, and that painful feeling in your mouth. It also makes these areas more vulnerable to other problems like tooth decay and infection. 

  • Tooth Decay

    • Tooth decay is the result of bacteria and food particles on teeth. As sugars metabolize, it produces acids which break down the minerals in your teeth. Eventually, this leads to cavities and the loss of enamel. 

    • If left untreated, it can lead to more invasive procedures such as root canals and gum surgery. Laser treatment can effectively remove the bacterial and help to prevent these more expensive and invasive procedures.

  • Gingivitis

    • Gingivitis is the mildest form of gum disease. It is caused by bacteria and plaque build-up, which can lead to inflammation. Common symptoms include bleeding, redness, and swelling of the gum tissue. 

    • Laser technology can help treat this condition by reducing the amount of plaque and improving the symptoms, with patients seeing a reduction in bleeding, redness, and swelling. Laser gum therapy can also help to reverse gingivitis by directly targeting the bacteria that is causing damage while at the same time protecting against future build-up with a barrier layer.

Ready To Give Laser Dental Therapy A Try?

If you’re looking for a less invasive, painless, and gentler way to take care of your teeth and gums, then laser therapy might be your answer.

It’s a win-win situation for our patients at Evergreen Dental Care who have completed our laser dental treatments. 

Key Benefits

  • Cleaner and Healthier Teeth and Gums

  • Prevents Future Complications such as Gum Infection

  • A more Painless, Gentle, and Therapeutic Cleaning Method

  • An Investment in your Dental Health that Prevents Costlier Procedures

  • A beautiful Whiter Smile

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